The Mercenary Class

Money has always been involved in Politics, but now that there is so *much* money being spent on politicians and administrators it is clear that something must be done.  Citizens United is simply illegal.  Corporations are not people because they do not represent them in any functional way.  They only represent the corporate interest.  The people are quite separate for what they want, save for the desire of employment.

And computers are to blame for this.  Directly.  If we didn’t have mass communications (computers) and tracking abilities (computers) with measurable results to meet or exceed milestones without conscience or moral (computers) then people in charge would be able to take a step back and make a moral and ethical decision.  But when faced with a verifiable and accurate balance sheet, what choice do they have?  Their investors will (rightly) sue the errant firm.

And this is why we can pay our corporate experts enormous bonuses when they leave the private sector for the public sector.  They are paid to do their job: represent the interests of the firm.  Mercenaries.  And elected officials can track contributions by interested donors.  And the maximum contribution is an implicit call for access.  Mercenaries.  And appointees chosen by contribution or by lobbied interest is soaking with money.  Mercenaries.

They are all mercenaries and they are paid to do a job.  Very nice of them to give us occasional opportunities to vote (and for some, pay) for their favorite mercenary.

I saw Nancy Peloci on The Daily Show a while back and it was surreal watching her squirm under Jon Stewart’s interrogations.  After all, he was supposed to be lobbing softballs, but she was prepared.  The contortions she would go through to paint the Republicans as corporate whores while Democrats were clean as the driven snow was at times bizarre and all the time irritating.

Republicans have the refreshing attitude that if firms are contributing that is good for them, good for their party and good for America.  In fact, taxation should be abolished and firms should provide those services as the market provides.   I don’t agree, but at least they don’t lie or gloss over it.